'Swimming Between Worlds' is a feat of historical fiction that weaves romance, social revolution and retrospect. 

'The Undiscovered Country' is an intriguing who-done-it story that critiques antiquated social practices and values while remaining affectionate to its Georgia setting. 

A guest post by 'Hurricane Season' author Lauren K. Denton. 

Started in the late 19th century, the LEGO brand today caters to the creative interests of children and adults alike.

Zora Neal Hurston’s posthumous release tells a complicated story of a life rife with loss and injustice, though it never loses track of the hope inherent in the present.

The NBC investigative journalist turned novelist talks about the inspiration behind his supernatural thriller 'The Darkest Time of Night.'

A roundup of the Southern beachside settings from this year's Summer Reading List.

28 of the latest Southern novels about coming home, confronting the past and the secrets that fester during the hot summertime. 

An interview with Jessica Hooten Wilson about her new book 'Reading Walker Percy's Novels,' a companion guide to the intellectual Southern writer. 

A recipe from Chef Virginia Willis's new cookbook 'Secrets of the Southern Table.'

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