A review of the late Tony Horwitz's final book, a travelogue across the South.

A review of Kim Michele Richardson's 'The Book Woman of Troublesome Creek.'

Set amidst the racial tensions of 1960s America, 'One Night in Georgia' is a beautifully woven commentary on race in America.

'The Summer Guests' is a beautifully woven tale of identity, self-discovery and the relationships that make us who we are.

Set at a wealthy private school in Prince Williams County, 'At Briarwood' follows Lenore Littlefield and her eclectic group of friends.

Find a rare edition or discover a new author at these independent bookstores.

30 of the latest beach reads, mysteries, Southern fiction and more to read as temperatures rise.

Set in New Orleans, this novel features a strong female protagonist and a man researching the underworld.

Kentucky writer James Markert's latest novel revolves around a hotel where artists, actors, scientists and engineers came to leave their worries behind. 

In 'Every True Pleasure: LGBTQ Tales of North Carolina,' Wilton Barnhardt curates a collection of stories highlighting the diversity of LGBTQ+ experience in North Carolina.

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