The NBC investigative journalist turned novelist talks about the inspiration behind his supernatural thriller 'The Darkest Time of Night.'

A roundup of the Southern beachside settings from this year's Summer Reading List.

28 of the latest Southern novels about coming home, confronting the past and the secrets that fester during the hot summertime. 

An interview with Jessica Hooten Wilson about her new book 'Reading Walker Percy's Novels,' a companion guide to the intellectual Southern writer. 

A recipe from Chef Virginia Willis's new cookbook 'Secrets of the Southern Table.'

A review of Virginia poet Ron Smith's latest collection 'The Humility of the Brutes.'

Local legends, magical realism and the search for a missing child make up Tiffany Quay Tyson's second novel set in the Mississippi Delta. 

These new releases from some of the South's most talented writers will have you contemplating miracles, haunted pasts and life after loss. 

Winner of the Tartts Fiction Award, Amos Jasper Wright IV announces his book of short stories that attempts to come to terms with the modern South. 

Von Diaz shares recipes and stories from Puerto Rico to the Deep South.

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