Mandy Shunnarah reviews the new book by Legendary Shack Shakers frontman J.D. Wilkes and asks him about the Southern legends and folk demons that served as inspiration.

Bren McClain's debut novel celebrates the bond between mother and child—and stars a mama cow as its heroine.

Michael Farris Smith talks about his new novel 'Desperation Road,' called "an important literary event" by Robert Olen Butler.

Prepare for the Carson McCullers Centennial with a new volume of her short stories, plays and more from Library of America.

Mississippi native Mary Miller talks about her new short story collection 'Always Happy Hour,' filled with unhappy couples and women who don't want to turn out like their mothers.

An interview with 'The Swans of Fifth Avenue' author Melanie Benjamin about the events that led to Truman Capote's celebrity downfall.

Four girls who share the same name search for "home" inside the sequestered walls of a convent in Sarah Domet's debut novel.

An interview with Daniel Moran, who examines the Georgia author's critics, publishers and readers in his new book.

Hunter Murphy's new book 'The Curse of the Bridal Chamber' was inspired by two of Florida's oldest attractions.

Truman Capote continues to support writers from beyond the grave with the largest cash prize for literary criticism in his name.

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