Carnival time in Steph Post's Texas means something entirely different from New Orleans.

Pensacola, Florida, may be known for its white sand beaches, but its postcard beauty belies a rich and diverse history.

For the first time in United States history, a national trail has been assembled that connects the various cities across the South that strongly influenced the Civil Rights Movement.

Debut fiction, a Southern Gothic family saga and new novels by some Southern favorites.

Make this Mardi Gras-inspired cocktail from New Orleans' SoBou at home.

Southern cinephiles will want to bookmark this list.

Get the scoop on some of your favorite Southern lit being adapted for TV and film.

From caves and lakes to Walmart and a 66-foot statue of Jesus, Arkansas provides plenty of dark fodder for a new season.

What better gift is there than a book, and you'll also be supporting your local or independent bookstore.

'This is My South' author Caroline Eubanks shares the offbeat attractions that make the South such a great region for road trips.

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