SellMyTimeshareNow.com presents premier resorts located across the South.

Travel through Louisiana's pine forests and blackberry farms on the Myths and Legends Byway, a 181-mile drive lined with tall tales based on true stories.

Blue Bicycle is curating the best lines in Charleston, South Carolina.

How Columbus, Georgia, became the city its hometown writer Carson McCullers always wanted it to be.

North Carolina bed and breakfast innkeepers share their favorite books to read in front of the fire.

Harper Lee gets most of the claims to fame when it comes to Alabama's hometown authors, but Truman Capote was just as inspired by the small town of Monroeville.

Plan a visit to one of these 10 storied houses and meet a few ghosts this October.

Novelist Nicole Seitz channels the romance of F. Scott Fitzgerald after a stay at Asheville's hundred-year-old hotel.

Texas's mysterious beach town mixes lore of hurricanes and destruction with poolside cabanas, Victorian architecture and fine dining.

These four Southern retreats promise to provide inspiration, instruction and transform your writing.

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