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ScarJo in Lafayette

by Erin Z. Bass

Friday night’s weekly Downtown Alive! music performance in Lafayette, Louisiana, included a few movie star guests on May 28. The band was The Givers, who are quickly making their way to the forefront of the local music scene and are currently in talks for a record deal. As word spread that Scarlett Johansson and her husband, fellow actor Ryan Reynolds, were in the crowd, so did the rumors about why they were there. She wants to record the band on her own label, direct a music video for them, the band is friends with Reynolds’ personal assistant. I can’t find any evidence of a record label, so the friend angle and possibility the couple was in the area to view the oil spill are more likely.

Also released today is the news that Johansson and Reynolds have purchased a farmhouse and barn in Louisiana. The Daily Mail reports that the two-story wood and brick home with mint-green trim is fairly small and comes with a rusty barn and lots of yard. Reynolds is filming the movie, Green Lantern, in New Orleans. Based on a DC comic book, the film is an action/sci-fi flick about a group of intergalactic warriors who wear rings that grant them superpowers. It began filming in March and is expected to come out next summer. So, the farmhouse could be their second home or even become their first, as the couple’s Los Angeles house is reported to be on the market.

Read the Daily Mail article and see photos of the house here. See video of the house and of the couple with a Louisiana sheriff supposedly going to view the oil spill at Splash News.

Johansson has been to Lafayette before, recording at Dockside Studio in Maurice. She was said to have liked Lafayette because she could walk down the street and no one bothered her. The same was true Friday night at Downtown Alive. People walked by to see she and Reynolds, but no one bothered them and cameras were not flashing. Unfortunately, the local news media didn’t get the memo and thrust a microphone in her face as she and Reynolds left the park. A video (below) the station ran that night showed the cameraman basically chasing Johansson around. Of course, locals were outraged and slammed KATC on their Facebook page. The station finally came back with this response: “Acadiana we hear you loud and clear! We think it’s very interesting that such high-profile celebrities were here in Lafayette, and who can blame them! We have some of the best food, culture and music in the country. We meant no harm Friday night, and we hope Johansson and Reynolds are enjoying their stay and come back to visit often!”

The Givers haven’t acknowledged the incident publicly, and singer Tiffany Lamson says she’d rather not comment on the stars or the status of a record deal for privacy reasons. Even if Johansson and Reynolds were just in town to check out a great band and the city’s thriving live music scene, that’s great news for Lafayette, and The Givers should pat themselves on the back for producing catchy, original music that’s attracting the attention of both locals and celebrities.

For more on The Givers, read our January post, “The Givers Deliver.”

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  • willj / June 1, 2010

    My guess is Scarlett was in town because she likes the band. She might want to produce them as well. And since her husband is currently shooting a movie in New Orleans, I’d further guess that she was visiting him in the city and decided to make the drive over to Lafayette to see the band.

    This is embarrassing and irresponsible journalism KATC — but folks have already pointed that out, so not need to beat a dead horse.

    Love this blog BTW!

  • blake / December 7, 2010

    ok. everyone is taking guesses on why they are here, but the truth is the actually live here. they bought a house in lafayette, and i will not mention where because they deserve theyre privacy. but now you know. a friend is a local band manager that recorded their music from Dockside studio, and he said she is recording music again. he is filming “the green lantern” in new orleans. this i know because i personally built a metal building for it as a prop. my aunt is a realtor and had that house for listing. she gave it to someone else to sell, my parents looked at it at the time, and a few months later they bought it. that was years ago too.