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SweeTea T-Shirt Contest

We all remember things our parents, grandparents or neighbors used to say. Funny turns of phrase that made you stop a moment and wonder what in the world they were talking about. Well, the two ladies of SweeTea T-Shirts in North Carolina are helping to ensure those sayings, whether it be “If the good Lord’s willing and the creek don’t rise” or “Who’s pluckin’ this chicken … you or me?”, remain in the Southern dialect, even if it’s only to make us laugh. In honor of June’s designation as National Sweet Tea Month and our article about SweeTea and their adorable line of tees printed with close to 100 sayings, the ladies have agreed to let Deep South readers determine the next saying that gets printed. So, call up grandma, mama or great Aunt Mildred, and tell them to start talkin’. If your saying is chosen, you’ll receive the first t-shirt printed!

How to Participate:

  • View our article on SweeTea, which will take you to their website to view current t-shirt designs and sayings to get your juices flowing.
  • Submit your saying, or two or three, by commenting here or posting on our Facebook page or Twitter account by July 2.
  • We will then pick the 10 best sayings out of all submissions we receive, and you’ll have the chance to vote on your favorite.
  • The winning saying will be printed on a future SweeTea t-shirt, and the person who submitted the saying will receive the first shirt printed!

Miracle Worker
Southern Funeral
  • Kathy Seay Welborn / June 10, 2010

    My favorite southern saying “she gets it honest”!

    My least favorite: “Let me ask you this”

    love your site!! love your shirts!!!

  • Marilyn Gregory / June 10, 2010

    “Honest to Pete” is my favorite saying!!

  • Cathy / June 12, 2010

    I have a few variations here on a common theme:

    “Hush up.” Or “Hush your mouth.” Or just “Hush.”

    And here’s another: “Make a fuss.”

    Actually, “fuss” can be a noun or verb. Like “There’s no need to make a fuss.” Or “Quit fussin’ and eat your peas.”

    And then there’s those expressions that you hear regionally:

    Like “My Aunt Teeny.” Or “Drunk as Cooter Brown.” Or “What can I do you fer?” I’ve heard parents tell their kids, “I’ll tan your hide.” But I’ve never known one to do so!

    My mother-in-law used to say “kindly” like “I kindly think that’s true.” And I grew up hearing “six to one, half dozen of the other.” Is that strictly a Southern expression?

    And finally, another thing my mom-in-law used to say: “get you some.” As in “Go get you some of that sweet tea and sit awhile.”

  • Tammy Panter / June 12, 2010

    “Give me some sugar!”

  • Tammy Panter / June 12, 2010

    As Country As Cornbread

  • Tammy Panter / June 12, 2010

    Gooder than Grits

  • Sandra Hamilton / June 12, 2010

    My favorite: Crazier’n a bessie bug

  • Janice / June 12, 2010

    Heavens ta Betsy !!

  • Ed Stoudenmier / June 12, 2010

    My grandmother used to say “That’s a new wrinkle on buck’s horn”

  • Sabrina Delp / June 13, 2010

    “That burns my biscuits!”

  • Sally Hoyt / June 15, 2010

    Good Grief….

    One of my picks.


  • Ryan Anderson / June 16, 2010

    “Bless her heart…”
    You can say anything about someone, as long as you bless their heart afterwards.

  • Resa Bates / June 17, 2010

    “Little pitchers have big ears”
    “Gin makes ya sin, and whiskey makes ya frisky”
    “Mind your manners, Darlin'”

  • Resa Bates / June 17, 2010

    I’m fixin’ to!

  • Sally Hoyt / June 20, 2010

    It is what it is….

    You can lead a horse to water but can’t make him drink

    It takes money to make money

  • Sally Hoyt / June 20, 2010

    What’s good for the goose is good for the gander…..

  • Heather Hoyt / June 20, 2010

    I’ll be a cow kicked by a mule…

    You think you’re smarter than everybody else….

    That’s the pot calling the kettle black….

  • Sheila / June 21, 2010

    Hot Dayum!

    Hey Y’all!

    Lorda Mercy!



    Crazier than a bedbug.

    Whatever floats yer boat.

  • Angie / June 25, 2010

    He don’t know me from Adam’s housecat.

  • Cynthia Waites / June 25, 2010

    ” I am a sweet tea girl “

  • Jeanie / June 25, 2010

    Eat ever ‘tater and pea in your plate

  • Tammy / June 25, 2010

    Sweet Tea….house wine of the south!

  • Sally Hoyt / June 27, 2010

    Just a tad bit fractious…….

  • Lynn Smith / June 28, 2010

    Bred en bawn en de south!


  • Lynn Smith / June 28, 2010

    Ole man Nod iz ridin on my eyelids.

  • Lynn Smith / June 28, 2010


    After all…tomorrow is another day! (from Gone with the Wind)

    Yo Mammy!

    It ain’t fittin’… iIt jes’ ain’t fittin’…

  • Lynn Smith / June 28, 2010

    I’m not as sweet as I used to be.

    Don’t kick a fresh turd on a hot day!

    Pink is my signature color. (from Steel Magnolias)

  • Lynn Smith / June 28, 2010


  • Margot Carmichael Lester / June 29, 2010

    A few offerings for your consideration:

    Bless Pat: Heard mostly in the NC mountains. I still don’t know who the Hell Pat is, or why s/he needs to be blessed!

    Toodle-loo: How my Mama, Margaret C. Lester, ended every phone call and email she ever sent.

    Holy hoppin’ Christ on a crutch: Not one you can let off in polite company, but it sure does the trick most times.

    For cryin’ in the beer: This was my grandmother Missy’s favorite way of signaling her exasperation.

  • Gale Boling / June 29, 2010

    *The worm has turned*

  • Lynn Smith / July 7, 2010


  • Barbara Mathis / January 20, 2011

    Crazy as a dirt road lizard!

  • Sharon Hardy / May 2, 2011

    If I had my druthers
    Fairly middlin
    Smart as a whip
    Sharp as a tack
    In the thick of things
    Hotter n hell
    I do declare
    Law-zee mercy
    Everbody and his cousin

  • mary stuart hay / June 29, 2011

    “An once of prevention is a pound of cure.”

    “Pretty is as pretty does.”


    Rice and gravy that stays on top.

  • paula lee / April 3, 2013

    “lawsy!” or the variants “lawsy mercy”, “lawks”, or “lawkamercy” or howabout that threat that struck fear into many a southern child “i’m fixin to snatch you bald headed!”

  • Daryl / August 1, 2020

    Nice sweet TeaShirts!