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Introducing Delta Blues

We’re excited to announce our new advertising partnership with Delta Blues Iced Tea Company this afternoon! It all started when we saw their “Deep South Tea Punch” online and got in touch with founder Leslie McKinney Bass so that we could try their product and tell our readers about it. We loved what we tasted, and an article (scroll down to “Sip of Summer”) on Deep South earlier this summer resulted. Now, we’re ready to introduce an online advertising and social media campaign with Delta Blues. You can view their banner ad on our site now (refresh if what you see is our Summer Reading List ad as they are rotating) and will soon start to see messages on our Facebook and Twitter accounts about the company.

While we disclose that this is an ad campaign, we hope you’ll also see it as an opportunity to find out about, and try, a great Southern product. A native of Nashville, Bass now lives in Atlanta and her tea punch is made from her grandmother’s recipe, then infused with flavors like spearmint, peach, lemongrass and pineapple. As we said in our original article, “Like a fine wine, Delta Blues’ punch has layers of flavor, great finish and deserves to be sipped slowly with family and friends.”

Delta Blues’ three flavors of tea punch are available at Whole Foods in Nashville and Memphis, West Paces Ferry in Atlanta, Chamberlin’s Natural Food Stores in Florida and Grassland Foodland in Franklin, Tennessee. Bass also personally distributes to The Produce Place and Greenlight Market & Deli in Nashville. If Delta Blues isn’t in your state yet, you can order all three flavors for $1.99 each from Snazzy Gourmet.

Find out more at www.deltabluesicedtea.com.
Follow Delta Blues on Twitter: @DeltaBluesicedT
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  • Tammy Panter / August 28, 2010

    This sounds WONDERFUL!

  • Tammy Panter / August 28, 2010

    I wish I could find it in my area. I’ll have to pick some up next time I am in Nashville. The only place I could find that sold it online had ridiculously expensive shipping charges! I want to try ALL of the flavors! lol