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GWTW Viewing Recap

Thanks to Turner Classic Movies for airing “Gone with the Wind” last night and to all of our readers who live Facebooked and tweeted with us during the four-hour movie! We had a good ‘ole time chatting about birthin’ babies, dresses made out of curtains and why Scarlett ever liked Ashley in the first place, when Rhett is so dashingly handsome. We even threw out a couple trivia questions for those die-hard Southern fans, making it not only an entertaining event, but an educational one. Below are some of the best comments and trivia from the night. Enjoy!

“One of the all-time greats, been waiting for this since last month!” – Patrick Pillow in Lynchburg, Virginia, on Facebook

“Get off those steps, you trashy wench… love, love, love this movie.” – Mary Alice Sneed in Wilmington, North Carolina, on Facebook

“Afterall, tomorrow is another day!” – Shannon Hall Jones in Old Salem, Alabama, on Facebook

“That’s a great moment [the green curtain dress] but the red dress is the most beautiful piece of costuming to ever grace the silver screen.” – Amy Eastman on Twitter

“Guess I’ll be up till 11 2watch GWTW. I may be tired, but I’ll think about that tomorrow. After all, my name is Katie Scarlett.” – Katie McClendon in Jackson, Mississippi, on Twitter

“Awww everyone is watching #gonewiththewind tonight. Doesn’t get much more Southern than that!” – IceMilk Aprons of Atlanta, Georgia, on Twitter

“I need some kind of alarm when #GoneWithTheWind comes on TCM. I only saw the last 30 mins this time.” – Vanessa Carrington in Cockeysville, Maryland, on Twitter

“I’ll say it again: Vivien Leigh was STUNNING!” – Kelly Koop in Atlanta on Twitter

“OK, women. What did Scarlett see in Ashley? He wasn’t nearly as dashing as Rhett and had boring lines in the movie.” – David Newton in Charlotte, North Carolina, on Twitter

Trivia Questions:

What movie role did Vivien Leigh want before she was cast in “Gone with the Wind?”
Answer: Cathy in Wuthering Heights

What was the book’s initial title, which was the name Margaret Mitchell originally wanted for the character of Scarlett?
Answer: Pansy

Fact: Scarlett’s green velvet curtain dress is currently being restored by the Harry Ransom Center in Austin, Texas, so that it can be displayed with four other costumes in a 2014 exhibit.

What piece of men’s of clothing, or lack of, did Clark Gable affect sales of after starring in “It Happened One Night?”
Answer: Undershirts

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  • Jean at The Delightful Repast / October 11, 2010

    My favorite GWTW character is Mammy. And Hattie McDaniel played her brilliantly. She captured Mammy’s dignity, spirit and humor, which several readings of the book led me to expect, at least hope for, in the movie. I had more respect for Rhett after he was seen to have respect for Mammy.