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Costumes From Down South

Halloween is coming soon. What are you going to be?

Sweet Potato Queen – Her highness Jill Conner Browne’s SPQ store on the Sweet Potato Queens website sells her signature red wig, queenly shades, rhinestone-encrusted baseball cap or crown, a variety of t-shirts and even a bling mug, all guaranteed to make your butt look smaller and instantly transform you into a queen. (For the guy lucky enough to get a date with a queen for the evening, there’s the “Gen-u-wine Spud Stud” t-shirt.)

True Blood Character – HBO’s hit vampire series “True Blood,” set in Bon Temps, Louisiana, has its own apparel, so you can get Vampire Bill’s trademark thermal henley, the Merlotte’s waitress tee and apron, Jason’s varsity jacket or a complete Sookie outfit. Add in a bottle of “Tru-Blood” and a few bite marks, and you’re ready to go.

Scarlett O’Hara – Unless you’re prepared to spend a pretty penny on this costume, you may want to take a nod from Scarlett herself and rip down some curtains, but we did find a costume shop in New Hampshire that will ship out several different gowns for rental. They’ve got a couple versions of the green curtain dress, plus Scarlett’s BBQ dress, a Georgia peach dress and many other dresses described as fit for a “Southern belle.” Of course, Rhett is available too, if he’s in the mood that evening.

Deviled Egg – Your local costume shop probably had a version of this one, but all you need is an egg suit and some devil horns and a tail to become this Southern appetizer.

Black-eyed Pea – A simple one to make, paint or stitch a “P” on a shirt and give yourself a black eye. Or you can go for a full pea pod costume with a black eye.

Festival Queen – Y’all know there’s several festivals every weekend around this time of year, and they all have a queen. Pick which one you want to represent (peanuts, yams, shrimp, poke salat, butterbeans, etc.), put on your best dress, make a sash representing your food of choice, and you’re royalty for the night.

Ham from “To Kill A Mockingbird” – Scout’s ham costume from the movie version of “To Kill A Mockingbird” is unforgettable. To make your own, shape chicken wire into the shape of a cured ham, cover it in brown cloth and paint it pinkish brown. Cut out a hole for the eyes, then write “HAM” across the front.

Edgar Allan Poe – In the vain of our Poe-inspired decor story this year, why not go as the original master of horror? Put on a black suit and white shirt, mustache, tormented look, prop a raven on your shoulder, and quote from his poems all night long.

Real Housewife Of (insert name of backwoods town here) – We couldn’t resist jumping on Bravo’s “Real Housewives” bandwagon for this list. It’s just too easy. Dub yourself and your girlfriends the real housewives of a podunk town in your area, don some housedresses or cutoff jeans, put the hair up in a clip, grab a shotgun and go. Atlantans have a great opportunity here since the “Housewives” are currently airing in their city. Are you Cynthia, Phaedra, Kandi, Sheree, NeNe or Kim?

Restless Spirits
  • Ally / October 27, 2010

    You inspired my hubby & i to dress up for Halloween using a southern theme as well. In honor of my favorite playwright Tennessee Williams, we’re going as Maggie & Brick (Elizabeth Taylor & Paul Newman of course) from Cat On A Hot Tin Roof. Can’t wait! Thanks for the inspiration.

    Happy Halloween!