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St. Francisville Spooks

by Erin Z. Bass

Deep South spent Halloween weekend in St. Francisville, Louisiana, a land of rolling hills, crepe myrtles, beautiful plantations and a few lingering spirits about 20 minutes from Baton Rouge. Those of you who followed our trip via Facebook and Twitter know we didn’t actually see any ghosts, but I made sure to take lots of pictures during our tour of The Myrtles Plantation (one of America’s most haunted homes) as well as our stay at The Cottage Plantation down the road. Back home, going through all of the photos, I found two that may have captured some sort of spirit. (All the photos will be up on Flickr later today.) Take a look and tell me what y’all see!

This photo was take at The Myrtles Plantation, which dates back to 1796 and is believed to house 12 ghosts. The most well known is Chloe, a slave who baked a poisonous birthday cake that killed the mistress of the home and her two daughters. Chloe was supposedly hanged after the incident. Another ghost is reported to be that of a young girl with blonde hair, about 9 years old, who is trapped in the front hall mirror after being shot and killed there. In the above photo, the face of a young girl, with blond hair, is visible through the windowpane that isn’t covered with fleur de lis.

This photo was taken at the family graveyard on the grounds of The Cottage. Our tour guide, Miss Sheila, said the home isn’t haunted and doesn’t believe there to be any lingering spirits there, but this little graveyard is pretty spooky. Check out the back right corner of the photo, where it looks like there’s a white mist rising from the grave. The mist isn’t there in the photo taken before this one, and when I zoom in, it kinda looks like the face of a man (below).

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Comeback Coast
  • Mary at Deep South Dish / November 3, 2010

    Okay. That is definitely creepy!

  • Christy / November 3, 2010

    LOVED the Myrtles when I went. St. Francisville is quaint and there is also Tunica Falls just over the state line in Mississippi in the Clark Creek area. So much to do in that little spot for a great long weekend!


  • Marcelle VanVleck Bell / November 4, 2010

    Oh….. I love these photos! Thanks for sharing!!!!

  • Ed Lisotta / October 25, 2019

    A few years ago, I took my girlfriend to the Cottage Plantation. We arrived just as it was getting dark. We were told, by a staff member that a group of ghost hunters were on the grounds and had left not long before we arrived. I asked if it were ok for us to walk around the grounds before we went to bed. We were advised that that would be fine. Just to let you know, I have always been a sceptic of ghost sightings and orbs etc… I’ve seen several balls of light prior to our visit. We started walking away from the Plantation home, in the direction of the graveyard. Just as we passed my truck, my alarm started going off. I reset it and we continued walking. It went off a second time. I was still kinda thinking it may have been coincidental. Just a reminder, it was a very clear night, with bright stars and everything. We made it about half way between the Cottage and the graveyard when I started feeling creeped out. Out of nowhere a heavy fog started to appear in front of me. I turned back toward my girlfriend, who was in the direction of my truck and it was still perfectly clear. I turned back in the direction of the graveyard and I could barely see in front of me. I started taking numerous snapshots with my digital camera, walking backwards at the same time. We started walking back toward my truck. I looked back toward the fog area and it was clear again. We went back to our room to look at the photos and noticed a very clear photo of a man’s face. If I would have stayed there long enough, I may have been able to see a body but I figured it would be best to leave him alone. I do recommend staying at this Plantation home and explore the grounds at night, especially near the graveyard. There is also a large family of deer that will be grazing and lying on the grounds as well.