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St. Simons Island

Harlan D. Whatley

I park the blue Chevy ragtop
Down by the old Coast Guard station.
There are lots of cars in the parking lot
Which means the beach is really crowded today.

As I stroll down the sandy beach
I think about how I got here
And how relaxing St. Simons Island is
Compared to the big city where I used to live.

The people here are as friendly as can be
And nobody is in a big hurry.
The seafood and local cuisine is delicious
And the sunsets are beautiful to watch.

So when I feel a little blue
I go down to the pier in the village
Or sometimes I go to see old Harry
Who serves me a most palatable vintage.

Harlan D. Whatley is a native of North Louisiana whose poetry has been published in the Birmingham Arts Journal, Heavy Hands Ink, Papercut and Poets for Living Waters. He currently teaches English in Zhengzhou, China.

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