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Southern Swap Meet

by Jake Cole

Tucked away in the shade of a rusted cotton gin factory and ivy-covered trees, the post-industrial graveyard of The Goat Room proved a fitting backdrop for the hopeful birth of a new kind of business in Atlanta.

A crowd gathered outside the Good Food Truck.

Benefiting the Atlanta Street Food Coalition, the Southern Swap Meet, held May 21, showcased some of the businesses attempting to gain permits for food trucks in the city, as well as performance art and independent vendors.

Among the food vendors present were

In-between snacks, attendees could watch The Collective Project, a performance art troupe that offered “re-enactments” of the history of the food truck, as well as various musicians.

Also in attendance were the performers of the Dance Truck, a portable dance venue promoting its unorthodox platform alongside the food trucks. Dancers performed both inside the Good Food Truck and in the bed of a time-worn yet still virile 1955 Chevy.

Dance Truck performer Sharon Sibley dances in the middle of the food truck area.

An eclectic crowd gathered to support the vendors’ efforts, from families to members of Atlanta’s thriving youth scene. Turnout was high, with the parking area outside the Goat Farm continuously filled as new guests arrived to take the occasional space opened up by a departing attendee.

The Southern Swap Meet was one of several events planned to boost awareness of Atlanta’s budding food truck market, including a recurring event known as Street Food Thursdays held once a week in Midtown. Those wishing to learn more about various vendors and where to find them can view upcoming events and business listings at http://www.atlantastreetfood.com or their Facebook page.

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