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New GWTW Museum

Joining Georgia museums Scarlett on the Square in Marietta, Road to Tara in Jonesboro and Scarlet’s Secret in Sautee, and Scarlett O’Hardy’s in Jefferson, Texas, is a new Gone With the Wind Museum in Branson, Missouri. Gone With the Wind: A Book and Film Museum held its grand opening this past weekend. Located on Main Street downtown, the museum showcases the collection of Dr. Novella Perrin, a retired dean from the University of Central Missouri. It all started with a Gone With the Wind snow globe for Dr. Perrin, and she’s been collecting memorabilia, from original costumes to props and autographs, for more than 25 years. Visitors can see a pair of Clark Gable’s pants and his top hat from the movie, a theater seat from the Atlanta premier and Aunt Pittypat’s umbrella, in addition to a large display of dolls and movie posters.

Only about half of Dr. Perrin’s collection is on display now, and a representative with the museum says they plan to rotate things out seasonally. A Christmas ornament display will be on view for the holidays, and special events will be held monthly. The museum is open Monday-Saturday from 10 a.m.-6 p.m., and admission is $10. Fan the museum on Facebook or follow them on Twitter @GWTWBranson.

Photo from Gone With the Wind: A Book and Film Museum Facebook page.

Frog Talk
  • marissa / January 31, 2012

    Sorry, but this GWTW “museum” can’t cut the mustard. Indifferent displays of dubious “original” costumes and dime store memorabilia housed in dirty and dusty cases. We asked for our money back!

  • Gwtw1939 / January 20, 2013

    WOW this Marissa must not know much about Gone With The Wind because this museum is top notch. The and has some of the rarest Gone With The Wind items to be had. The display cases are very professional and high quality. I have been to other GWTW museums and this one has the best selection of promotional items as well as actual items from the movie production. There are also a lot of me of a kind art pieces that are truly beautiful.

    If you are a true fan of the book or movie you will love this place. The gift shop is also great and has a large selection of items.

  • GEORGE TERRELL / January 20, 2013

    Dr. Novella Perrin has one of the PREMIERE GWTW collections in the world. She was a MAJOR lender to GONE WITH THE WIND AT 75–A DIAMOND JUBILEE in 2011–the largest GWTW show ever mounted in the USA. DIRTY MUSEUM? It is and always has been spotless……Yes, she does display some replica costumes but they are CLEARLY labeled as such….Her ORIGINAL items are incredible, including items used on the set of GWTW, costume and set original sketches and more vintage merchandise from the film’s first release than anyone I know owns. “MELISSA’S” review? Dr. Perrin’s employees report no couple EVER asking for their money back….

    George W. Terrell Jr.
    GWTW At 75-A Diamond Jubilee

  • Charlene / January 20, 2013

    I don’t know what museum Marissa saw but it wasn’t the spectacular GWTW Museum in Branson MO. This museum is magnificent, original costumes and movie props beautifully displayed in well-lit wood cases and copies of the book from all over the world. As a GWTW collector I know the cost of “dime store memorabilia” Marissa referred to and take offence to her statement. This museum houses one of the best, if not the BEST and largest collection of QUALITY GWTW items in the world.

  • Vicky Rogers / January 21, 2013

    Marissa, I don’t know which museum you visited, but obviously not the Gone With the Wind Museum in Branson Missouri owned by Novella Perrin. This museum is one hundred percent first class. I would know because I’ve been to all the GWTW Museums around the United States as well as many others. It is totally awesome. I am one of the biggest collectors in the US and I can assure everyone that everything there is authentic. It is also meticulously clean. I would love to thank Dr. Perrin for all her hard work in regards to this wonderful museum and thank her for sharing it with the public.

  • Chris / January 21, 2013

    Hi Marrissa,

    I’m sorry your experience wasn’t all you wanted. While I can’t speak for the condition of the museum at the time of your visit, I can say that all of my mother’s pieces are original. I know she’s got the certificates of authenticity and my mother can recount where she purchased those pieces.

    Anyway, I hope you give the museum another shot sometime.

  • Marissa / April 2, 2013

    Dear Chris (Sullivan?), Vicky (Biggest Collector? Hardly!) Rogers, Charlene, George (Don’t make me laugh!) Terrell and GWTW1939:

    Obviously my opinion was far-more-accurate than your highly-biased comments. And, while I can appreciate you all wanting to defend someone you consider to be a friend the FACTS, repeat FACTS, speak for themselves: this tacky museum is now closed…and most probably by Popular Demand!

    It’s time that these so-called “collectors” (are you listening Chris Sullivan?) realize that it takes a lot more than a bunch of uninteresting, eBay quality, items to make up a “museum” that the public will want to pay money to see.

    My previous comments were factual, regardless of what the afore-mentioned might think. This museum sucked, was a total ripoff and a complete waste of time.

  • GEORGE TERRELL / April 18, 2013

    MARISSA? Obviously you were put up to writing your vitriolic rant by the person in the GWTW world who is most loathed of all. One who has cast stones at anything that did not involve them. The top leading authorities on GWTW in the world visited Branson and proonounced Dr Perrin’s museum to be outstanding. It closed simply because of a decline in tourism in Branson, evidenced by over half the entertainment sites there now closed as well. A bad economy has impact on everything. You have nothing to do but be goaded by a cretian? You are to be pittied—It is a shame that person is simply too gutless to spew their own venom….. George W. Terrell Jr.

  • George Terrell / April 28, 2013

    “MARISSA”—-forgot to ask– have you been to the VATICAN recently?

    George Terrell

  • Marissa / May 22, 2013

    “GEORGE TERRELL”! You throw a lot of speculation my way. Tell me, do you ever tire of being wrong? And while I may not be “a top leading authority” on all that is Gone With The Wind, my opinion of this now closed museum was based on our experience, nothing more. Finally, as if it were any of your business; “Vatican”? No.