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A Thought in Memphis

by Andrew Alexander Mobbs

The Blues have been collecting dust
for years
in Malcolm Bart’s record store
on Beale

I’m starting to think
Lightnin’ Hopkins didn’t die
of cancer
but suffocated in a plastic bin
choked on
“Lonesome Dog Boogie”

Anyone can walk that street
in Memphis
gulp that BIG ASS beer
their sunlit faces beneath the
half-glowing neon signs

Anyone can backflip
for bucket change
distribute food flyers
go back to their hotel and
claim to have had
some revelation

But only a bluesy few
give a damn
about Malcolm’s
about Lightnin’ and the rest
about anything besides
an Elvis snowglobe

(no offense
to the King)

Andrew Alexander Mobbs is a 24-year-old proud Arkansas native. He grew up in the central Arkansas area but spent plenty of time in the Ozarks. Mobbs has been writing poetry consistently for four years. He obtained his BA in writing from the University of Central Arkansas in 2009 and then moved to Mongolia — his now second-favorite place on Earth — where he is currently serving as a Peace Corps volunteer. When he’s not writing poetry or teaching Mongolian children, Mobbs enjoys drinking sweet tea and wearing house shoes out of the house.

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  • Hunter Murphy / January 27, 2012

    What a vision Andrew Alexander Mobbs has (not mention an incredible facility with the language). When you find a good poet, you have to listen to him. “A Thought in Memphis” would have made Howlin’ Wolf howl.

    You can find more of Mobbs gems here: