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Happy Birthday to Jack Kerouac!

A pioneer of the Beat Generation and best known for his novel, “On the Road,” Jack Kerouac would have been 90 years old today. He was born in Massachusetts but died in St. Petersburg, Florida, in 1969. Many people may not know that Florida was also where Kerouac was living when “On the Road” was published. It was in a little cottage on Clouser Avenue in Orlando that Kerouac heard the news that The New York Times had proclaimed him “the voice of a new generation.”

He was instantly famous and began typing up a sequel to “On the Road,” titled “The Dharma Bums,” on a typewriter in a back room of the house. Kerouac only lived on Clouser Avenue for about a year, but when reporter Bob Kealing discovered the connection in 1996, he set out to preserve the house and its literary history. Today, it’s home to The Kerouac Project, which hosts lectures and writers-in-residence and is open to the public during special events.

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