Final Wish

by Glenda Barrett

When my life draws to a close,
bury me in the soil of Appalachia,
where the ripened corn tassels
blow in the summer breeze,
and cows graze in green pastures
near old barns. Where Morning Glories
climb rustic fences that surround
garden patches and rose sunsets
slide behind the deep, blue ridges,
a place where early morning fog
hovers over the blue mountain ridges,
and the scent of wild honeysuckle
fills the evening air. As night falls,
and the lighting bugs flicker in the air
I’ll be at home. A homegrown girl,
I’ll sleep better in my own bed.

Glenda Barrett, a native of Hiawassee, Georgia, is an artist, poet and writer. Her work has been in Mary Jane’s Farm Magazine, Journal of Kentucky Studies, Chicken Soup for the Soul, Woman’s World, Country Woman, Farm & Ranch Living and many others. Her Appalachian paintings are on display at Fine Art America, and her poetry chapbook, “When the Sap Rises,” can be found on Amazon.

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