Binary Bits

by Clinton Van Inman

Examine her too closely
Like under a magnifying glass
And she will turn and burn your eyes out.

Stand too close to her
And she will pound you like dough
Flatter than Florida.

Unwrap her cellophane dress
All the way down and all you will find
Is the face of another clown.

Don’t worry.  I’ll clean up your mess
Into the dustbin your bits and bangs
Next to the pile of your yin and yangs.

Clinton Van Inman is a high school teacher in Hillsborough County, Florida. He graduated from San Diego State University and was born in Walton on Thames, England. His recent publications include Warwick Unbound, Tower Journal, The Poetry Magazine, Down in the Dirt, May, June, July, The Inquisition, The Journal, the New Writer, The Hudson Review, Essence and Houston Literary Review. He hopes to one day publish these poems in a book called, “One Last Beat,” as he considers himself one of the last few Beats standing.

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