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Mason Jar Competition in Atlanta

There’s only one rule in an event hosted by Indie Craft Experience in Atlanta on Saturday: you must use a Mason jar. Indie’s founders Shannon Mulkey and Christy Petterson wanted to pay tribute to the well-loved pantry staple and are asking artists to participate in a design competition where the jar is the star.

Part of a daylong marketplace called “Salvage” at Ambient Plus Studio, the competition asks artists to create anything they want out of a Mason jar and will be judged by a panel of local folks such as Jennifer Brett from the The Atlanta-Journal Constitution and Ria Pell of Ria’s Bluebird and Sauced.

Why a day just for the Mason jar? “It’s iconic,” says Mulkey. “We all love it – and the idea that you can take something like a Mason jar that’s univerally known and create something else with it.” Mulkey won’t be competing, but she’s got a few of her own ideas about what she’d create if she was. “I thought it would be cool to cut off the lip of the jar and make a bracelet, and I also thought of making a kaleidoscope,” she says.

Check out Salvage’s Mason Jar Board on Pinterest for more DIY ideas, and see the design winners April 14. The Salvage marketplace will also include midcentury furnishings and collectibles to clothing, jewelry, books and home goods, on sale from 11 a.m.-6 p.m.