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The Cooking Channel Visits Lafayette

Turn on The Cooking Channel tomorrow night at 8 p.m. CST (9 p.m. ET) to watch Atlanta chef and host of Road Trip With G. Garvin Gerry “G.” Garvin eat his way through Lafayette, Louisiana. Named the South’s “Tastiest Town” by Southern Living earlier this year, Lafayette is finally getting its foodie due. The hometown of Deep South Magazine, Lafayette’s good eats are no secret to us, but we wanted to find out what Garvin had to say.

Why did you decide to come down to Lafayette for the show? Have you been here before?

A lot of the places we visit are underserved in the general market. In Louisiana, people typically think of Bourbon Street and New Orleans, and we thought there was much more to Louisiana and that Lafayette wasn’t a place a lot of people had been to. I had been here when I was a boy a long time ago.

What was the best thing you ate here? 

It’s impossible to say the best thing I ate. I can tell you the dishes we chose from the locations we visited were all surprisingly outstanding.

Did you find the food spicy?

I didn’t find it was spicy at all.

What can we expect to see on the show tomorrow night?

A fun cooking demo at The Accidental Chef. At The French Press, an egg and toasted bread dish, which is really authentic. Then, of course Johnson’s Boucaniere. We actually took lot of sausage from Johnson’s over to The Accidental Chef, and Johnson’s did a really great sandwich – shaved pork and cheese that was pressed. It was just to die for.

Sounds like he had a favorite dish after all. Tune in tomorrow night and follow Garvin on Twitter @GGarvinChef. We’ll be watching!

Photos courtesy of The Cooking Channel. G. Garvin pictured with Chef Carlos of The Accidental Chef. 

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