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Kimberly Brock at Lemuria Books

This week, Deep South is in Mississippi following “The River Witch” booksigning tour. Last night, author Kimberly Brock read a few passages and signed books at Lemuria Books in Jackson, and we were also treated to an exclusive set by Anna Kline & The Grits And Soul Band. The band, now located in Asheville, wrote a song inspired by “The River Witch” and announced they have a new album coming out this fall. We had a great time talking books and listening to music in Lemuria’s event space. The actual bookstore is a treasure as well, complete with a Southern literature section (pictured below). Our favorite guests were two ladies from a book club who brought their own gin and tonics. Doesn’t get much more Southern than that!

Tonight, the tour moves to TurnRow Book Co. in Greenwood at 5:30 p.m. Come out and join us if you’re in the area. Word is Grits And Soul will be playing a set at Webster’s after the signing.

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