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Bill Clinton for President

If you watched former president Bill Clinton’s speech at the DNC last night, you’ve probably been chanting this headline along with the rest of the women in America. At age 66, Bill has certainly not lost his way with the ladies. We’ll just say there were lots of tweets about panties last night – from both women and men. If you didn’t watch it, do yourself a favor and find out what all the fuss is about. No matter what side you’re on, the Arkansas homeboy demonstrated the power of Southern charm and a drawl. A high point was when he said he was “fixin’ ta” tell us why he believes no president could have repaired all the damage over the past four years.

See his full speech below or read the transcript from The New York Times.

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  • Conrad / September 6, 2012

    I don’t have much of a Southern accent (to my chagrin) but I get called out by my coworkers here in Chicago all the time for telling people what I am “fixin’ ta” do.

    You can take the boy out of Tennessee…