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5 TV Shows to Watch This Fall

Set the DVR. Fall television shows have already begun to kick off with many premiering this week, and we’ve got your guide to those with Southern ties. What to keep an eye out for this season? Real housewife of Atlanta NeNe Leakes in her first sitcom, Miami’s favorite serial killer in more hot water than ever and Connie Britton as a country star in Nashville.

The New Normal on NBC
Tuesdays at 9:30/8:30c

“Real Housewives of Atlanta” fans will recognize NeNe Leakes, playing an assistant on this new show about a gay couple using a surrogate to have a baby.


Treme on HBO 
Sunday, September 23, at 10/9c

David Simon’s drama set in New Orleans continues in its third season with characters continuing to rebuild their lives and fight corruption and violence after Hurricane Katrina.


Dexter on Showtime
Sunday, September 30, at 9/8c

Miami’s lovable serial killer cop Dexter enters its seventh season. In case you forgot how last season ended, Showtime’s promo reads “He saw. She saw.” It’s also been announced that season eight will be Dexter’s final, so be prepared for creators to start wrapping a few things up.


Nashville on ABC
Wednesday, October 10, at 10/9c

For those of us who got to know Connie Britton in last season’s “American Horror Story,” she’ll be playing a fading country singer in Nashville this fall. TV Guide promises some politics and sexual escapades thrown in for a bit of Southern-grown drama.


The Walking Dead on AMC
Sunday, October 14, at 9/8c

AMC’s zombie hit filmed in and around Atlanta returns with survivors trying to take a prison back from zombies but having to battle The Governor for their safe haven. Rumor has it that helicopter from the first season will be back to play an important role.

Nashville's Ina
Inside Tennessee Wil
  • Hunter Murphy / September 18, 2012

    Awww, Erin, how could omit my reality series favorites?!?! What about those boys with the beards from Louisiana? Duck Dynasty! You couldn’t PAY me to miss that show. Cajun Pawn Stars (Alexandria, LA) ain’t bad either, not to mention Auction Kings (in Hotlanta).

    I hope they don’t cancel Big Shrimpin’ set in Bayou le Batre (it is, after all, what connects me to Bubba and Forrest and it’s a jewel of a series).

    Swamp People is great too (when they feature Troy).

    And the American Pickers have had some great episodes featuring their exploits in the American South. (Also, they’ve opened up a gorgeous store in Nashville).

    So, I’m looking forward to THOSE too!

    And BTW, have you seen the movie “Bernie” with Jack Black? Oh, the Southernness of it all! It was almost too good for words. (The gay gospel singer/ funeral home assistant, the possessive Southern spinster, the town gossips, the murder, the good ‘ol boy district attorney played brilliantly by Matthew McConaughey.) Mmmm! I felt like I’d died and gone to Graceland for two hours straight.)

  • Hunter Murphy / September 18, 2012

    Ha! Erin, I loved your review. It was awesome. So funny. And agree with you completely! Honey Boo Boo indeed! If I have to include that awful mother and child in a Southern reality series article, I’ll have to decline your offer. 😉

    You picked some great shows. I was just ribbing you about not including all those LA dudes. It would be fun to do a reality series review.

  • kimber / October 4, 2012

    Thanks so much for a breakdown on the shows that are premiering right now. It seems like there are premieres left and right these days, so it’s nice to get a cohesive list to keep track. Right now, I am currently watching Dexter and The New Normal, but I definitely plan on checking out Nashville. I just hope I have the time to keep up! Between balancing my job at DISH and maintaining my household, it’s tough to squeeze in shows each week. I’m just lucky that my Hopper DVR has more than enough memory space to record them all, so they are sure to be saved for when I find the time to sit down and watch them. We’re lucky to have so many great shows on TV right now!