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Bread and Butter Pickles

pickles-199x3002 gallons sliced pickling cucumbers
3 gallons water
2 cups salt

Dissolve salt into water and soak cucumbers in salt water for 24 hours. Drain and reserve.

2 1/2 quarts cider vinegar
2 1/2 quarts sugar

Combine and dissolve sugar over low heat (do not boil). When sugar is dissolved, stir in:

2 Tbsp. turmeric
4 Tbsp. yellow mustard seed
2 Tbsp. celery seed
2 Tbsp. cracked black pepper
2 quarts thinly sliced onions
drained cucumbers

Stir all the ingredients together gently and bring up to a simmer. Turn off heat and ladle into hot sterilized canning jars. Wipe the rim and softly tighten top. Place jars into boiling water, making sure the top is covered and the glass jars are lifted from the bottom of the pot. Boil for 10 minutes, remove the jars from the water and let cool at room temperature. May be eaten immediately, but are best when allowed to age for at least two weeks. Will keep up to a year. Yield is 6 quarts.

Recipe provided by Chef Linton Hopkins of Restaurant Eugene in Atlanta.

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