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Gumbo Weather

We made our first gumbo of the season at the end of September, but we admit we jumped the gun a bit. With temperatures in the ’60s, gumbo weather is here now! Our posting of this gumbo pic on Facebook resulted in a civilized discussion on whether potato salad should go in the gumbo or not. Reader Laurene Dugas Theriot had the definitive comment: On top. On side. It’s all good.”

As long as you’ve got the trinity of vegetables – onion, bellpepper and celery – and start with a roux, whether light or dark, there’s really no wrong way to make gumbo.

Proof that gumbo season is officially here is The Times Picayune‘s article on 3 Louisiana festivals poised to dish out more than 2,600 gallons of gumbo this weekend. That should give novices and aficionados plenty to taste and plenty of fodder for more discussions on the best way to eat a bowl of gumbo.

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