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Michael Myers in North Carolina?

If you’re a fan of Halloween itself, then you’re probably a fan of John Carpenter’s 1978 movie by the same name. Mask-wearing, knife-wielding killer Michael Myers remains one of the ultimate villains of Halloween today, despite 38 years having gone by. The movie was shot in Pasadena, California, and the original Myers house from the film can be found there as a mini tourist attraction. But thanks to Kenny Caperton and Emily Currier, Southerners also have access to a Myers house in Hillsborough, North Carolina.

The couple built a life-sized replica of Michael Myers’ childhood home on 5 acres of farmland in 2009. They actually live in the house, so it includes modern updates and a more livable floorplan than the original, but the exterior is identical, as are the location of Judith Myers’ bedroom and the staircase from the movie version. Inside, Caperton also has a collection of horror movie and Michael Myers paraphernalia, including a life-sized animatronic Michael Myers upstairs.

The house is normally open by appointment only, but with Halloween approaching fans usually have a chance to visit on October 31. Check the home’s Tumblr account for annual showings of the film and an October 31 Halloween Bash. Capterton asks that fans and visitors keep in mind they are visiting a private home, not a haunted attraction or bed and breakfast.

This post was updated October 21, 2015. 

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