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deja uv is like a pinball machine

by Stanley M. Noah

this is not saying I have seen
or been with you then, or
have you ever been—or are you
now a dream walking down
pearl street where I once lived
in a redsilk painted house, yellow
dried lawn, barking old english
sheep dog that starks behind my
naked picket fence. but here, among
marigolds, and masculine oaks with
their reaching arms near the funny
mail box I planted in vertical sweat
is where I first met you coming up
the street of another town, in which
year I’m totally unable to recall. so
now, when you are in voice range,
please tell me what you have been
doing since?  and I know you will have
the same face, unchangeable—you,
in the duplicated victorian spanish
moss dress like floating about. I hasten
to know if you forgot me. maybe like
the way I remember you now, as then,
in that flamelike condition and language.
forgive me the awkward explanation in
this letter, dear, as I know it must sound
like and read like particles, tiny frag-
ments of deja uv.

Stanley M. Noah lives in Dallas, Texas, and has a degree from the University of Texas at Dallas. He’s been published in the Wisconsin Review, Nexus, Cottonwood, South Carolina Review, Poetry Nottingham and other publications in the U.S.A., Britain, Canada and New Zealand. He is also a winner of The Mississippi Valley Poetry Contest in the humorous category for 2006 and was named poet of the month in September 2009 by

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