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Joshilyn Jackson Was Born Today

Many of our birthday tributes here are to authors who have passed away, but today’s is for a very much living (and still writing, we hope) Georgia author. In books like “Gods in Alabama” and “The Girl Who Stopped Swimming,” Joshilyn Jackson takes Southern writing and often the Southern Gothic to a new level. Her characters, mostly female, are complex, memorable and flawed, while her settings range from Alabama to Georgia and Florida. We’ve had the pleasure of interviewing her, hosting a Goodreads discussion on her latest book “A Grown-Up Kind of Pretty”  and have included her books on our reading lists. Our birthday wish for her is that she keeps turning out wonderful Southern books. (Her next one, “Someone Else’s Love Story,” is expected in 2014.) Until then, pick up one of her five novels and discover why she’s such a gem. Happy Birthday, Joshilyn!


Writer Joe Mayes talked to Joshilyn last spring about why she compares her books to ex-boyfriends.

We interviewed Joshilyn in 2010 about her book “Backseat Saints,” storytelling and what it means to be a Southern writer.

Photo by Elizabeth Osborne.

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  • Joshilyn Jackson / March 4, 2013

    Aw thanks guys. How SWEET!

    SOMEONE ELSE’S LOVE STORY has an actual pub date by the way—November 11, 2013!

    Spread the word. 🙂

  • Jan Vigliano / March 26, 2013

    So glad to hear the new book will be out on my anniversary, 11/11/13. Means I won’t have to wait as long and it will be easy to remember. I have read all of Joshilyn’s books and Grown-up Kind of Pretty is my favorite . . . so far. I can’t wait for Someone Else’s Love Story!