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Edgar Cayce Hometown Seminar

Kentucky’s sleeping prophet is being channeled this weekend in Hopkinsville. 

Born on a farm in Christian County, Kentucky, on March 18, 1877, Edgar Cayce developed psychic abilities during his childhood. Now known as “the father of holistic medicine,” Cayce is the best documented psychic of the 20th century with proteges around the country. He gave psychic readings to thousands of people over the course of 44-plus years, and it’s said that he performed these readings while asleep, diagnosing illnesses and revealing past lives and prophesying future events.

Each year, his hometown of Hopkinsville remembers its sleeping prophet with the Edgar Cayce Hometown Seminar. Scheduled for March 15-16 at Pennyroyal Area Museum, this year’s seminar begins with one-act play “The Pennyroyal Years,” followed by the Edgar Cayce Trivia Bowl, lunch at Cayce’s, a tour of hometown sites, viewing of the documentary “Edgar Cayce – The Beautiful Dreamer, a yoga workshop and tournament of Cayce’s game “Pit.”

This year’s guest speakers include official historian for Hopkinsville and Christian County William Turner, who will talk about Cayce and his family, and Elaine Hruska, who has been involved in the work of Cayce since 1971 and wrote the recent book “Edgar Cayce’s Quick and Easy Remedies.” While at the Pennyroyal Museum, attendees can also see items from Cayce’s family home, the Bible he read daily and the typewriter he used to answer requests for readings.

Full seminar registration is $160, which includes lunch and tours. Call the museum at 270-887-4270 or e-mail [email protected] for more information or to register. 

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