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The Lavish Sets of The Great Gatsby in Architectural Digest

Nothing like a bit of Gatsby eye candy to wrap up this day. Architectural Digest has the dish on how Director Baz Luhrmann and his designer wife Catherine Martin created the dazzling sets in the new movie version of F. Scott Fitzgerald’s novel, due out in theaters May 10. According to the magazine, the pair strove for period authenticity and based designs on the great early 20th century houses of Long Island’s North Shore.

The exterior of Gatsby’s estate is the Gothic Revival building of the former St. Patrick’s Seminary in Sydney, Australia. Faux ivy was applied to the first two floors, a fountain constructed in the courtyard and soaring turrets added digitally. Of course, inside the grandest room is Gatsby’s ballroom. The site of his legendary parties, Martin’s space features a gold filigreed ceiling, crystal chandeliers, inlaid wood floor with Gatsby’s monogram and a serpentine staircase.

Twenties glamour presides in Gatsby’s bedroom, contrasting with Nick’s neighboring homey cottage. An Adirondack swing, oak beams and moss-green tiles give this space more of an Arts and Crafts than Art Deco vibe. Lastly, Daisy’s Georgian redbrick manor was inspired by Old Westbury Gardens on Long Island and features luxurious Hollywood Regency and Deco furnishings.

In total, Martin oversaw 42 sets for the film, and it took her team 14 weeks just to build, paint and decorate Gatsby’s mansion. Read the full article and see a slideshow of the sets on architecturaldigest.com.

The magazine also has an exclusive interview with Tobey Maguire, who plays Nick Carraway, about the lavish sets and shooting the huge party scene.

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