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Porch Dogs Captures a True Southern Tradition

PORCH DOGSMany of you might remember Nell Dickerson‘s first book “Gone: A Photographic Plea For Preservation” with photos of grand old homes devastated by the Civil War and set to a story by Shelby Foote. Dickerson has certainly changed subject matter in her followup, but again photographs Southern homes, only this time with man’s best friend as the star.

Porch Dogs” is Dickerson’s way of preserving the time-honored heritage of porch sitting. The book is a collection of mostly candid photographs of everything from house dogs to yard dogs, shop dogs, dock dogs and more. Although Dickerson lives in Memphis, “Porch Dogs” subjects hail from Mississippi, Alabama, Louisiana, Georgia, Florida, South Carolina and Tennessee. Sixty-plus portraits grace the book’s pages with captions that tell us who these dogs are and where they live.

From Liza Jane outside her favorite New Orleans night club to Teeny Baby on a patriotic porch in Natchez and Mike on a dock above alligator-infested waters in Florida, you’ll fall in love with these “porch dogs.”

See Dickerson tomorrow at Turning Pages Bookstore in Natchez, Friday at Garden District Book Shop in New Orleans and Saturday at the West Feliciana Parish Library in St. Francisville, Louisiana. For more info, click here. 

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