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Chain-Link Philosophy

by Zachary Lundgren

This weekend, July would only
get warmer,

the rope-swing from last summer had snapped

chain-link-outline-mdand we learned it is possible to die
for someone you love and they won’t
even notice.


In this new quiet, the sun
anointed our forearms, played alchemy
with our hair.

I wondered if the heat could taste these words
but a dog barked – staled our thoughts
like blueberries drying
on the tongue.

We looked. We couldn’t see anything
except the heat. We thought we understood

Zachary Lundgren grew up in rural Virginia and currently lives in Florida. He has had poetry published in several literary journals, including The Stray Branch, The Tule Review, Barnstorm and forthcoming in the Louisville Review. He was nominated for a 2012 AWP Intro Journals Award and serves as a poetry editor for Sweet: A Literary Confection. “As I have grown as a writer, I have found that region has continually shaped my voice, defining me now, perhaps, as a Southern writer,” he says. Lundgren is also currently an intern at Deep South.
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