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Celebrating Louisiana Craft Brewers Week

In a short amount of time, seven craft breweries have popped up in Louisiana, joining longtime staple Abita Brewing Company in what’s become a craft beer trend sweeping the nation. Louisiana’s breweries are unique though. Not only are they producing flavorful beers with names and labels that capture the culture of the state, but they’re making them with food in mind. Staying true to Louisiana’s culinary roots, our craft beers are made to be paired with dishes like gumbo, etouffee and boudin. The current seven breweries span the state, from New Orleans to Baton Rouge and Lafayette, with two others coming soon in Shreveport.

In June, the state legislature passed a resolution designating this week as Louisiana Craft Brewers Week. Through September 29, we’ll be celebrating the brews, brewmasters and food pairings that Louisiana breweries have to offer. Each day, we’ll feature a different brewery and one of their signature beers with tasting notes, recipes and information on how to visit and tour.

We hope you’ll taste along with us and celebrate Louisiana beer this week no matter what state you’re in. And if you’re in the mood for a road trip, check out Louisiana’s new Brewery Trail.

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Day One: Abita Beer