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Biking Kiawah Island

Beautiful beaches and natural trails make South Carolina’s Kiawah Island an amazing place to be on a bicycle.
by Stephen Williams

For years, Kiawah Island in South Carolina has been a popular family destination. While being developed, island planners installed more than 30-plus miles of paved bike trails that allow guests to access all roads and beach access boardwalks from anywhere by bike. The most popular bikes of choice are the beach “cruisers,”  which allow for a comfortable ride and come in different sizes for children and adults. Visitors can also inquire about Kiawah bike rentals before they arrive at their accommodations.

childcarrierWith the many boardwalk entrances, Kiawah’s beach is easily accessible by bike. There are more than 10 miles of expansive beach to ride on hard packed sand. Riding bikes on the beach is a fun experience and is a must for Kiawah Island visitors. After riding on the beach, I recommended you hose down your bikes to prevent rust due to the salt in the sand and the air. A well cared for bike can last for many years.

For families with children, Kiawah Island offers bike rentals with trailer cycles and child carriers. Trailer cycles attach to the back of an adult bicycle, allowing the child to pedal and experience riding a bike safely with an adult in control.

Child carriers are perfect for families with children not old enough to ride a trailer cycle and provide a great way for families to enjoy Kiawah Island together on a bike. Child carriers and trailer cycles can be rented before you arrive on Kiawah Island.

Because Kiawah is connected by its many bike trails, visitors and families can leave their car parked for the duration of their stay and bike to restaurants, shopping, activities and more. Kiawah Island has also just installed a trail that allows bikers to access Freshfields Village, which has many dining and shopping options, including taking a ride to get ice cream. If you are renting your bicycles, be sure to inquire about a basket from your Kiawah bike rentals provider so that you may bike safely while shopping.


For the competitive athletes, Kiawah Island offers an annual marathon as well as a triathlon that grows in popularity year after year. Participants can expect a flat terrain throughout the races as well as moderate to light wind through the forest and open marsh sections. If interested, be sure to book your Kiawah rentals ahead of time.

Stephen Williams is a writer for Kiawah Island and is a Kiawah and Charleston enthusiast. He also works for Kiawah Island Escapes, helping families find the perfect Kiawah rentals.

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