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First You Make a Roux

by Robert D. Bennett

A roux is an amalgamation
A beginning is required
The middle must be done correctly or
The ending will be something less
Than it should

spoonA simple thing
Just oil and flour
The ratio can vary
But the love with which it is created

Stirring, stirring
Being careful not to burn
Yet it must be completed
To achieve its ultimate purpose
An ingredient to bring everything together

Just like Louisiana
The people, the culture
The land, the history
One creation better than the parts
All combine to make Evangeline

The only thing that can’t change
The factor which has to be consistent
In order for the blend to be correct
And achieve a desired ending
Always the heat

Never too much
Never too little
Constant throughout
Yielding a complex finish
Not perfect, but just right

Always the heat

Robert D. Bennett is proud to be from Natchitoches, Louisiana, where he spent his childhood. His diverse work history has taken him across the United States, Mexico and the Caribbean as well as England. Bennett now resides in Texas and is currently promoting his book, “The Bottle Tree,” set in the Kisatchie forest region of Central Louisiana. His other books include “No Chance,” a supernatural thriller, and “Junebug and the Body,” a Southern mystery with humorous undertones. “First You Make a Roux” is part of a series pertaining to Louisiana, its history and its people. Read his poem “Winter in Louisiana” here. Find out more on his website, and follow him on Twitter @RobertTheWriter

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