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Inside the Besh Box

Just in time for Christmas, New Orleans Chef John Besh announced his latest product, the Besh Box. A monthly, subscription-based gourmet cooking kit, the Besh Box is described as “containing a selection of John’s favorite recipes, specialty ingredients, kitchen tools, suggested drink pairings and music to help enhance the experience of cooking.” Earlier this month, Besh described the box to us this way: “These are essentially cooking lessons each month with me, where I’m in your house and we roll up the sleeves.” We were still curious about what exactly comes in the Besh Box, though. So, when one arrived on our doorstep a few days later, we decided to do a reveal and share it with readers item by item. Each Besh Box will feature items based on different themes, so this is the “Holiday From the Heart” selection.

beshbox01_final About the size of a hefty cookbook, the Besh Box comes well packaged with the website printed on three sides.


Items are wrapped in tissue paper held closed by a Besh Box sticker. Printed inside the top cover is a reminder to share your Besh Box creations on social media using the hashtag #beshbox.


A signed welcome message on top of the goodies explains Besh’s inspiration for the box. On the back is a description of all the items included.


The first set of items is a pastry cutter with a wood handle, jalapeno seeds to be used in upcoming recipes, a fleur de lis ornament and cook’s towel Besh says is his favorite to use at home.


There’s more! Also included in the box is a large bag of pecans from Inglewood Pecan Company in Alexandria, Louisiana, recipes cards for Hot Spiced Wine, Apple & Pear Tart W/ Pecans and Basic Sweet Dough, a dough scraper and vanilla beans in a little glass tube.

There you have it – all eight items in the Besh Box. As a bonus, “John’s Holiday Playlist” is also included, with tunes like Irma Thomas’s “Christmas without the Creole” and “A Change Is Gonna Come” by the Neville Brothers.

Pricing for the Besh Box runs $55 for a one-month subscription, $160 for a 3-month subscription, $320 plus free shipping for a 6-month subscription and $650 plus free shipping and a copy of Besh’s new cookbook Cooking from the Heart for a year. The Besh Box is available solely online at www.beshbox.com. Boxes can ship nationwide. 

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