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5 Grilling Tips From Chef Emeril Lagasse

New Orleans Chef Emeril Lagasse, who also has restaurants in Charlotte and Orlando, was kind enough to share some of his favorite side dishes with us for Memorial Day, and now he’s back with recipes and tips for Father’s Day grilling. Whether you’re making his Herbert Burger topped with crispy onions, Grilled Corn with Cheese and Chile or your own creation, Emeril’s grilling tips below will help home cooks take things up a notch. And because too much heat is never a good thing, Emeril has a Chocolate Peanut Butter Pie recipe for dessert that can be chilling in the fridge while you grill.

1. It’s much easier to clean the grill when it’s still hot; remember to scrape the grill grates shortly after you’ve finished cooking.

2. Don’t squeeze down on burgers while cooking; by doing so, you’re only losing some of the meat’s natural goodness and juices!

3. Marinades and spice rubs impart excellent flavors to simple cuts of meat, chicken or fish. Try using your favorite vinaigrette as a quick marinade for chicken breasts or mix up a batch of your favorite spices and dried herbs, season with salt and sugar for balance, and rub this into your steaks and chops the next time you grill.

4. Any sauce that has a lot of sugar (as many barbecue sauces do) will char if applied too early while grilling. It’s best to apply sweet sauces during the last 5 minutes of cooking.

5. An instant read thermometer takes the guess work out of grilling. Keep one nearby and you’ll always know when your meat is ready to come off the grill.

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