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Road Trip to Midnight Crossroad

“True Blood” author Charlaine Harris’s new book introduces readers to the spooky town of Midnight, Texas. 

81f7uPqLXiL“And then Manfred realizes that all morning, throughout the camaraderie of unloading the van, neither of his companions asked the obvious questions. Why are you moving to such a godforsaken place? What brings you here? What do you do? Where did you live before?

The prologue to Charlaine Harris’s new novel Midnight Crossroad (one of our chosen summer reads) has main character Manfred Bernardo coming to the realization that he’s moved to the right place. In fact, it’s just like he belongs there.

Midnight Crossroad is the first book in a trilogy about the tiny, spooky town of Midnight, Texas. The story is equal parts murder, supernatural occurrences and revenge. To explain, the books starts off when the barebones town gains a new resident, Manfred Bernardo — a character from Harris’ “Grave” series who is  looking for a quiet place to work on his bustling phone psychic business.

Manfred quickly feels at home in the town, as he gets to know his equally eccentric neighbors, some of whom feel no shame in openly confessing they are a witch or a vampire. Everything in the tightknit community is going fine, until the body of a former lover of a Midnighter is found at a picnic. The police investigation begins and, as it turns out, the dead woman was part of a group of white supremacists, Men of Liberty, now seeking revenge over the murder.

Harris’s ensemble style of writing is a stark contrast to her previous books, but makes it easy for the reader to get a feel for the town of Midnight, which is almost a character in itself. Midnight is the kind of place where everyone looks out for each other and, when threatened, will strike back.

Members of Men of Liberty start showing up in Midnight to ‘talk’ to Bobo, the leading suspect in the investigation, and the plot eventually turns to a war between the grouop and the denizens of Midnight. Many twists and turns make it hard to put the book down until the killer is revealed. Harris ends the novel with more secrets yet to be discovered, making the second novel in the series impossible to wait for.

Midnight Crossroad is a fun, quirky novel, and fans of “True Blood” and her other books will not be disappointed.



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