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Spinning Sweet Cotton in North Carolina

Gourmet cotton candy company Oscar William has plans to take over the world of sweet treats. 

A browse through Oscar William’s Facebook page announces a feature in Trendy Bride, an order for the 2014 Teen Choice Awards and an audition for “Shark Tank.” When they’re not being featured in the media, Oscar William founders Tasha and William Kornegay can be found at fairs, festivals and farmers markets in and around their home base of Apex, North Carolina. Just look for their signature bow ties and attire in cotton candy colored hues.

Fans — and sugar lovers — have developed a sweet tooth for their inventive flavors like Banana Pudding, Carrot Cake, Chili Pepper and Key Lime Pie. With a mission to raise money for HIV research, Tasha rented her first cotton candy machine last year and began spinning at the Peak City Pig Fest. The rest is sweet history, but Jackie Gutknecht had a few questions for Tasha during a recent email interview.

How did Oscar William’s come about? And why cotton candy?  
cottoncandymachineOscar William Gourmet Cotton Candy started out as a fundraising tool for PASTD.org, which is an HIV nonprofit. Our son came up with the idea to sell cotton candy to raise funds. He suggested adding a different spin to it by adding different and unique flavors. We listened to him, and here we are today.

What’s the story behind the name?
Oscar William was inspired by my husband’s late Uncle Thomas, who was the little brother of William Oscar, my father in-law. For reasons unknown to the family, Uncle Thomas would only call my father-in-law Oscar William no matter what.

What makes Oscar William’s cotton candy different?
Our product is all natural, certified organic, gluten and allergen-free with no artificial food coloring or flavoring. We have over 20 different flavors.

How do you come up with the flavors, and what’s your favorite?
Our community members suggest most flavors. My favorite is Banana Pudding, William’s is Lemonade, and Kyree (our son) switches often. This week his favorite is Marshmallow.

What flavors did the Teen Choice Awards order? 
The teens in our community love our Cheesecake, Chili Pepper, Banana Pudding and Ed Fennell’s Lemonade, so we thought it would be fitting to send these flavors over to the Teen Choice Awards.

Where do you see Oscar William in the next 10 years?
Taking over the cotton candy world.

Where can I get some cotton candy?
You can order online. It comes pre-packaged, and we also have floss/sugar packs if you want to make your own.

Photo Credits: William Kornegay spinning cotton candy and Tasha Kornegay spinning in North Hills from Oscar William’s Facebook page.

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