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The Other Saints of New Orleans

by Jennifer Maritza McCauley

The Tellers can read a soul, its dead colors and flashing heat. The Tellers can count your tomorrows.
They sit at tables in front of Saint Louis Cathedral, with demon ash and devil bones, with divination
decks and spheres of bleak crystal. They smell of old wine, horse shit and fresh spirits. They reach
for me and anybody else, desperately. A streetwalker passes by and says, “If they really could see …
they wouldn’t be here … ” but really, who could bear to hear an accurate future?

Jennifer Maritza McCauley is a freelance writer, instructor of Writing and Rhetoric and Knight Fellow in fiction at Florida International University. She is also a contributing editor at The Florida Book Review and co-editor of the upcoming Origins Magazine. Her most recent work appears in editions of First Inkling, Squalorly, The Boiler, The Blue Lyra Review, Gulf Stream Magazine and Miami’s 

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