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Taste of Thanksgiving Cocktail

tastethanksgivingDuring a recent visit to New Orleans, we stopped by SoBou restaurant in the French Quarter for a cocktail. The Shady Blonde with Bayou Satsuma Rum, grapefruit, cava and fresh thyme just smelled like Thanksgiving and tasted even better. Honestly, Bayou Rum’s new satsuma liqueur is perfect for sipping on its own, but adding a splash of grapefruit juice and Cava results in a light, balanced cocktail that will help cleanse the palate before carving that turkey.

1 part Bayou Satsuma Rum
1 part fresh-squeezed grapefruit juice
1 part Cava or Prosecco
Grapefruit peel and thyme for garnish

Combine the liquid ingredients over ice in a rocks glass and garnish. Grapefruit lovers may want to add an extra splash of juice, and don’t forget the thyme. It gives this drink the earthy aroma of Thanksgiving.

What’s a satsuma? If you’re not from South Louisiana (or parts of Alabama and Florida), you may be wondering about this strange fruit. Similar to a mandarin orange or tangerine, the satsuma grows on trees in home gardens and usually ripens in November, just in time for the holidays.

We adapted this recipe from SoBou‘s cocktail. Photo by Deep South.

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