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Read This Year's Pushcart Prize Nominations

2015CoverHomePublished every year since 1976, The Pushcart Prize: Best of the Small Presses series is said to be the most honored literary project in America. The annual collection represents hundreds of presses and thousands of writers of short stories, poetry and essays. We want to make sure the South’s talented writers are represented as well and have submitted our nominations for The Pushcart Prize for the past several years now. This year’s nominations were due December 1, so we recently mailed out a packet of six of our favorite poems and stories from the past year. Read our nominations below and feel free to comment with your favorite.

Parable of the Sewer, a poem by C.N. Bean

Penny Ante Girl, a story by Deborah Bernard

The Wolf Boy, a story by Howard Reeves

Mermaid, a poem by William Miller

Everything Must Go, a story by Daniel Leach

I’m Sorry, There’s No Smoking, a story by Chad Rhoad


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