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Tasting the Boudin King Cake

Just when we thought our Guide to King Cake was complete with cocktails, doughnuts and burgers, the guys at Boudin Link introduced a Boudin King Cake. Bread, boudin, Steen’s Cane Syrup and cracklin crumbs combine in what might be the most interesting King Cake iteration yet. Each cake is handmade and can now be purchased at Twins Burgers & Sweets in Lafayette. We couldn’t resist a tasting and ordered ours yesterday for pickup this morning. Our tasting notes are below, along with pics and video from the unboxing. But it really doesn’t matter what we say. You need to order a Boudin King Cake — available for shipping from Twin’s — and taste this savory version of the Mardi Gras favorite some are calling “God’s work” for yourself.


Due to demand, we suggest placing an order for your Boudin King Cake at least a day in advance if you live in the Lafayette area. You can also purchase the small size from Twin’s on-site for $27.99, but they are only shipping the large version at a cost of $46.99 not including shipping charges. Call 337-268-9488 to order.



The Boudin King Cake comes in a traditional cardboard box printed with Mardi Gras beads. The front of the box where filling flavors are usually marked — cream cheese, strawberry, praline pecan, etc. — is left unchecked for this version, although we think the Boudin King Cake would fall into the “Other” category.

Upon opening, the aroma of stuffed bread wafts from the box. The cracklin crumbs on top are plentiful, and a 2-0z. bottle of Steen’s Pure Cane Syrup is nestled into the center of the cake. The boudin that waits inside remains hidden.



Before cutting into this King Cake, you must drizzle the Steen’s on top. We were generous with ours and gave the top of the cake a good dose, also letting the syrup drip down the sides. But if you don’t plan to eat the cake in one sitting, it’s probably best to drizzle the Steen’s on individual pieces so as not to completely soak the cake.

Cutting in reveals the boudin inside and honestly there could have been more of the delicious rice and meat mixture (the one in the cake comes from Earl’s Cajun Market). The cake is a bit doughy otherwise, but the cracklin crumbs on top, which taste like bacon bits, are delicious and the syrup gives it a nice balance of savory and sweet.


Final Thoughts 

We love boudin for breakfast, so the Boudin King Cake could be the perfect start to your day during Carnival season. If you crave even more boudin like we did, just pick up a few links from your favorite shop on the way home.

Want to try and make your own? Boudin Link has the recipe they started with here.

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