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The End of a Start

by Cee Allah Salaam

A man walks past a broken yard
He sees something, A work of art.

He sees equality.
All People as one.
He sees hope.
Like a new world has begun

He walks past the times.
Of hostility and pain.
As he walks past he finds.
Racism still grows its mane.

A racist slur invades his thoughts
He dreams and dreams of when it will stop.
But his anger grows louder and he raises his tone.
He stands up, knowing he is all alone.
Thinking he can create a world, called his home.
He waits a second before he can say.

“I had enough of this for one day.”
As his words came out, a man pulled out a gun.
He pulled the trigger, ending the revolution that had just begun.

Cee Allah Salaam has lived in South Carolina his entire life and is currently living in Kershaw. He is 15 years old and wrote this poem last year for Black History Month as a way to express his feelings about racism in a nonviolent way. 

Literary Friday, Edi