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2015 Academy Award Menu

Our annual menu of drinks and eats to pair with this year’s Oscar-nominated films.


reddevilToast Rosamund Pike, the diva of a villain in Gillian Flynn’s “Gone Girl,” for her nomination for Actress in a Leading Role with the Red Devil Cocktail.

Mix up The Bailey in honor of Best Picture nominee “Birdman” and Raymond Carver’s gin-soaked play “What We Talk About When We Talk About Love.” Just don’t swap the gin for water or Edward Norton’s character Mike will have your head.



Recognize the Texas setting in Best Picture nominee “Boyhood” with Grilled Bacon-Wrapped Stuffed Shrimp.

“American Sniper” star Bradley Cooper’s favorite food is sushi. Prepare for that dream date with him by making a Pickled Okra Thick Roll.



fishtacosIn Best Picture nominee “Whiplash,” Andrew Neiman announces Swedish Fish are his favorite movie snack. Turn this nod into a main course with Catfish Tacos from The Georgia Club.

Dolled up for the red carpet, Collard Green Gratin is a new take on a traditional Southern favorite that pays homage to the downhome cooking fueling Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and his supporters in Best Picture nominee “Selma.”

Richard Linklater, director of the much buzzed-about “Boyhood,” is a vegetarian. Pair Southern Coleslaw with Kale Jambalaya for a meatless feast.



Watch Wes Anderson’s meticulous instructional, done in the same decadent style as “The Grand Budapest Hotel,” for the sweet secret behind a Courtesan au Chocolat.

In “Still Alice,” Julianne Moore’s character begins to experience more and more symptoms of early onset Alzheimer’s and forgets her famous bread pudding recipe for Christmas dinner. Keep our recipe for Brioche French Toast Bread Pudding on hand for a sweet ending to Oscar season.

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