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Cut Magnolias

by Marcella Benton 

oh dear you only bring me cut flowers
showing me this is dead already

these zombie magnolias I beg to bloom beautiful
like little girls in tutus dolled up so old men can leer

and yet I still hope they blossom
fold out vibrant waxy prettiness that I’m so afraid to touch
worried I’ll tarnish those ivory petal keys but

I’d swallow the buds whole if I thought I could encompass them
we’re all umbilically cut hungry for our day to shine

Marcella Benton lives in Lakeland, Florida, with her husband and pets. She works as a legal assistant and as an artist for her husband’s screen printing company, Whatever Tees. She has been published in Breadcrumb Scabs and is pending publication in Ray’s Road Review. 

Literary Friday, Edi