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The Wanting Heart

by Stacey Michelle

There are things in life
Which are forgiving things;
Time the simplest one.
The heart leaps at the chance
(for some of us)
I require no apologies.

But I own a wanting heart
Or rather, my wanting heart owns me
Pain licks at it with a southern lilt
It will not cause another pain
Abhors the squander of relations built.

The wanting heart, it asks a lot
But for apology, it does not.
The pain of separation too much
I’d much rather feel the warmth and touch
Of a tender hand over reprimand
I’d relay the end for another start
If only to feed this wanting heart

He braided disdain through my wanting heart
And denied me another start
There is nothing the wanting heart won’t endure
To continue its course- straight and pure
At times naked, unwanted and out of place
It doesn’t stop wanting desire’s good grace

Stacey Michelle writes in Birmingham, Alabama. She has attended Alabama School of Fine Arts in the Creative Writing Program and studied French at the University of Alabama at Birmingham. She has new work forthcoming in Vine Leaves Literary Journal. Visit her blog, and follow her on Twitter @SMichelle987.

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