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Marriage Gothic

by Tiffany Decou

There once was a house with a white picket fence.
Smiles and I love yous were all around and dinner was on the table every night.
The pitter patter of little feet could be heard as an echo in the distance … is it a boy? No, a girl … with green eyes.
Then time set in, like it always does and things started to unravel.
The house became aged and unkempt.
There were still smiles, but they hid fear and doubt and longing. I love you was replaced with harsh words and dinner sat cold on the table.
No more talk of babies, no more talk of forever and always.
She cried a lot and he stayed away … in his new home, in new arms.
Fairy tales unravel in the end some say.

Tiffiany Decou is a writer born in the backwoods of Minden, Louisiana, but calls Lafayette home. She has a nationally recognized food radio show called “Lafayette Food Junkie” and is obsessed with all things Southern Gothic. Her biggest writing muses are love and fried chicken.

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