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Our BIG List of Haunted Houses

Find the best spot to be scared out of your wits this Halloween no matter what “state” you’re in. 


As if they did not have enough problems already, the patients at the Insanitarium have become the lab rats of Dr. Ausnemen. Not only does he sound like a Bond villian, this scientist’s experiments causing fatalities have only fueled his evil depths into madness. Combined with an excellent soundtrack surrounding, your experience at Insanitarium will reveal why you instinctively feared the dark.

Arx Mortis
Translating in Latin to “Castle of Death,” this indoor haunting features evil Dr. Graystone, a big top show of terrifying oddities, an old mortuary and funeral home, plus laser tag.



Fear Factory
“Wear comfortable shoes so that you can RRRRRUUUUUNN!” a mysterious lone comment on this attraction’s website reads. Will you join the ranks of the only known survivor of this maze of 3D spooks, evil clowns and more? Or will you fall victim to the hungry surprise guest?

The Haunted Hotel of Arkansas
Little Rock
You can’t actually book a room at this haunted hotel, but you won’t want to. With over two decades worth of scaring under their ghostly utility belt, this hotel is a well-oiled machine of spooks. Check in and check out for a night you’ll be telling your therapist about for years to come …

Ominous Haunt
Remember in chemistry class when you accidentally almost burned down the lab by mixing the wrong beakers together? While that may have been the end of your weird science career, it was the only beginning of Dr. Severin’s. Join the good doctor and his family on a journey into a dark world of experimentation gone terribly wrong.



Enigma Haunt
Boca Raton
For 2015, this two-floor haunt has new, never-before-seen terrors that will bring horrifyingly real dimensions to visitors. An outdoor staging area, The Pit, is designed to twist the imagination of those awaiting entrance, but once inside The Abyss features a blackout maze and Realms of Terror has themed chambers that play on your most vivid nightmares through horrifying smells and creatures.

Haunt Nights
Jacksonville Beach
Three is a magic number. It’s also the number of haunted houses you’ll find here, including one in 3D. And if zombies, giants, mutants, evil scientists, clowns and original characters you’ll wish you’d never met isn’t enough for you, there’s also downright electrifying laser tag against some zombies.

Legends: A Haunting at Old Town
Spooking is a full-time job, especially since business started booming for Ashdown and Son’s Undertakers. Since 1889, they have laid thousands of clients to rest … many of them still alive. Even if you manage to survive the evil living at this haunt, you still have to outlive the wrath of the dead.



Mars has water on it, which means there’s a very high possibility of life forms existing there. Let’s just say that Netherworld has lots of water sources too. Ghosts, goblins, ghouls, aliens and more await you in this biohazard wasteland caught between the thin line of the living and the undead.

Gates of Misery
There’s something spooky about architecture that’s older than Larry King. Nearly a century old, this two-story building’s creaking floor boards may not be squeaking from old age. This bloody family reunion has nothing on your family’s arm wrestling contests during Thanksgiving.



The Devil’s Attic
Did you know you could win awards for scaring people? Well, The Devil’s Attic has racked up quite a few. From the moment you enter the front door until the moment you run screaming out the back door, prepare yourself for thrills and chills — while facing your worst fears.

mayhemmansionMayhem Mansion
Morning View
Take a time machine back to the Prohibition era and visit the mansion of Dr. Haverford. Maybe you’ll meet him … or what’s left of him, anyway. The mansion has been boarded up after a terrible Kool-Aid moonshine mass killing, except for one window that only the bravest of souls dare to climb in and witness a house filled with as many secrets as spirits. A trail ride into Pa’s Woods is also an option if you survive the mansion’s mayhem. But if you have a phobia of hillbilly relatives, this may not be the place for you.

Sinister Tombs Haunted House
“The smell of fresh blood, the screams echoing through the hollow, the begs for mercy. What a great time of year.” If you find yourself in the woods around Eastview, Kentucky, beware the legends of a town curse and repeated murders, possibly at the hands of werewolves. Guards at this house are armed with silver bullets, holy water, crucifixes and white candles — just in case.



RISE Haunted House & Zombie Paintball Trail Ride
Not for the faint of heart, this double-trouble thrill ride will keep you on the edge of your seat. Forget everything you knew about haunted houses before venturing into this ultra-scary tour that may or may not involve an elevator, before joining the war against zombies in a paintball fight you won’t soon forget.

13th Gate Haunted House
Baton Rouge
You’ve heard of Dante’s nine circles of hell, but nothing could prepare you for the 13 gates of pure terror. With as much effort and time put into the production and set design as a high-end play on Broadway, if you make it to the 13th gate you’ll be clicking your heels together trying to get home as soon as possible. Just don’t get stuck in Davy Jones’s locker at this “Top 15 Haunted Attraction.”

The House of Shock
New Orleans
You’ve camped out for rockstars and Black Friday sales, but now you’ll have to arrive early unless you want to spend the night waiting to get into a place whose name tells you all that you need to know. Imagine if the Tower of Terror had been made my Stephen King rather than Walt Disney, and prepare yourself for a night filled with terror, terrifyingly good music and a Halloween festival — in one of the most haunted cities in America.



Hurricane Haunted House and Forrest
A family-friendly option for those looking to be spooked with their children. Both young and old will be scared by a madmen with a chainsaw chasing them through the haunted forest, but you can also choose to hang out by the bonfire with a treat from the concession stand.



campfearCamp Fear
Chainsaws, dances with clowns and Leatherface. These are only a few of the experiences awaiting you at the summer camp from hell with some of your favorite horror film characters. Laugh, cry and scream your way through an evening more frightening than your favorite scary movie.

Getting spooked has never been this fun … or extreme. Laser tag, zip lines, food and candy are fine during the day, but once the sun sets, the real fun begins. Haunted houses, corn mazes and trails are waiting to be explored —along with plenty of other creatures and spirits.



Fear Farm Haunted Attraction
Old McDonald had a farm. And on that farm he had some clowns, with a ghoul here and a chainsaw maniac there. Here a scream, there a scream, everyone will scream …

Field of Screams
Nightmares come to life on these hallowed grounds. Silly Rabbit, this Trix is not for kids. All audiences welcome, but not all leave alive. And don’t miss Cherokee County’s only Haunted Corn Maze.



Dead Land Haunted Woods
Three terrifying attractions — The Maze, The Curse and The Portal — await at this middle-Tennessee haunt featuring a spooky trail through the dark woods. Local ghost hunters have also confirmed paranormal activity on site, so beware.

Ruby Falls Haunted Cavern
Voted as one of the best haunted grounds in the greater United States by all of its survivors, Ruby Falls promises the unexepected. A free-form haunt, guests are invited to choose their own demise, speed and location. Monsters galore will push your limits and personal space until you’re running for the hills … or exit.



creepyhollowCutting Edge
Fort Worth
“Gambling, gunfights, murder and mystery” come together to form a punk rock haunted house that thousands drive thousands of miles to visit. Donnie Darko meets Clint Eastwood. The Good, The Bad, The Scary: An interactive nightmare for the whole family.

Creepy Hollow Haunted House
Feral pigs run rampant in this nightmare brought to life that will make you question reality. What is real? And even if it is, do you want it to be?

Thrillvania Thrill Park
“Beheld as the “most celebrated Haunted House in America,” this 50-acre park houses three haunted houses, each more chilling than the next. Zombies, vampires, corpses and spoiled dinners are just a few of the scenes among beautiful home decor you might find.



Haunted Nightmares
You’ll be buried alive. No, really, it’s one of this attractions most popular options. During the day, a kid-friendly maze and museum are available, but as soon as the sun sets, the real fun begins.

Hunt Club Farm
Virginia Beach
You never know what’s lurking in The Field of Screams. It’s probably not Kevin Costner, though. He’s dancing with wolves elsewhere. If all of your spooky needs aren’t met there, you’re free to explore the Village of the Dead and the Haunted Hayride.

Photo credits, from top: RISE Haunted House from Facebook page, Creepy Hollow courtesy of Lou Hammond & Associates. 

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