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RISE to This Haunted Occasion

All ages access lets you determine the level of scares you can handle at RISE Haunted House.

risegirl“Don’t worry. They’re not real,” an 8-year-old reassured me, as yet another surprise guest jumped from the shadows.

When you hear “family friendly” and “Halloween” in the same sentence, you likely picture kids dressed in white sheets trick-or-treating around the neighborhood. But for the fifth year in a row, RISE Haunted House in Hammond, Louisiana, is bucking that perception. Making an attraction that is fun and frightening for all ages is something this family-run spookfest has worked hard to maintain.

“We consider ourselves family friendly,” says co-owner Mindi Plaisance. “That’s what we pride ourselves on. Every haunt in Louisiana is different, and that is our main focus. We want to make sure that everybody who comes has the option to come as a family.” But the “family friendly” vibe she mentions isn’t limited to customers. Run and owned by Plaisance and her brother Nevelle Laiche, their spouses and parents, it truly is a family affair at RISE. As the old saying goes, the family that scares together stays together.

Adding new attractions for each scare season, RISE makes sure that from the last weekend of September to the first weekend of November, every person that comes through leaves satisfied and spooked, no matter how many times they visit. With around 75 crew members lurking seemingly behind every nook and cranny in the haunted house, graveyard and zombie trail, a walk through RISE will keep you looking over your shoulder.

Enter the abandoned home of Henry Risewell, a wealthy entrepreneur who lost his wife and son. Assisted by his old friend and fringe scientist Dr. Bartholomew Stinger, Risewell went to great lengths to obtain bodies (both dead and alive) to experiment on in an effort to get his family back. What could possibly go wrong? Enter the house and walk through the labs that suddenly don’t seem to be as abandoned as you thought.

risehouseIf the startling spooks of the haunted house leave you wanting more, join a small band of militant forces on a two-story zombie hunt where your only weapon is a paintball gun. While the paintball guns are attached to the vehicle so you won’t have to worry about getting caught in the firing crosshairs, failed (or successful?) experiments resulted in zombies running rampant around the cemetery, assorted woods and former militant base. Keep your eyes open and stay alert.

Located about an hour outside of Baton Rouge in Hammond, this once bed and breakfast is now a certified startle and scarefest. Putting a refreshing twist on traditional Halloween character tropes, RISE exceeded all expectations I had. The scares and spooks at this award-winning attraction were had in good fun and without gore, making it a satisfying experience for all ages. (RISE doesn’t have an age limit, so you get to decide if you or your children are ready to enter or not.)

I ended up in line with four guys from Mississippi, who only added to the “Shaun of the Dead” style entertainment, making RISE a great spot to meet people from all over the South — dead or undead.

RISE is open Friday and Saturdays through November 7, and Thursday, October 29, from 7 p.m.-midnight. 

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Photos courtesy of RISE. 

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