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Don't get me wrong. I was as excited as the next person when news broke about Harper Lee's sequel to To Kill A Mockingbird earlier this week. What a thrill to be able to read something else by Lee and imagine Scout all grown up. But with the news comes concern and a bit of suspicion about the circumstances of Go Set a Watchman and Lee's real intentions. Here are the facts: Lee is almost deaf and blind living in a nursing home in Monroeville. Her sister, Alice, who served as her legal protector, died just three months ago. And since the publishing of Mockingbird, Lee has gone to great lengths to stay out of the limelight and also stated in the past that she said everything she had to say in one book. The rest of the story is rumor and conjecture, but it's worth considering, especially for devoted fans who truly care about Harper Lee. This publishing of a new book seems to be a continuation of last year's news that Lee was suing her hometown museum. In fact, a series of lawsuits in recent years started with one in which Lee claimed she signed a document she didn't mean to

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